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Welcome to Tinman's Hard Rock Café and Planet Hollywood Shot Glass Collection Homepage

Welcome to my Hard Rock Café (HRC) and Planet Hollywood (PH) shot glass collection homepage.  I started collecting shot glasses in the Summer of '95 and currently have over 300 shots. 

My collection consist of shots from all the places that I have visited, of colleges and universities (mostly from my home state, i.e. NCSU, UNC, Duke, etc.), of basketball teams, both NBA and College (mostly ACC basketball teams), from HRC, PH, and All-Star Café. 

I also have specialty shots, i.e. Atlanta 1996 Olympics, Jack Daniel's No. 7, Jim Bean's 200th Anniversary, Disney World's 25th Anniversary, etc.  My family and friends would usually bring back a shot from different places that they have visited on their vacation.  Thanks to those who have helped me with my collection! ;)

Though I collect all shot glasses, my concentration is in collecting and trading HRC and PH shot glasses.  This page will let you know what I have and what I need.  Thank you for visiting my homepage and good luck trading.



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